For the purpose of equal inclusion of all participants of the International Summer Ballet Seminar Dancs-Piran, in 2018 the organizer changed the rules. Thus, from 2018 workshops of the individual courses will be divided into:

Courses – GROUP


Additional course – SOLO.

Why decision for new rules of Dancs-Piran?

Following the conclusion of the seminars in the years 2016 and 2017, the organizer of the International Ballet Seminar Dancs-Piran, who is the Association of Ballet Artists of Slovenia, conducted a survey among the participants, which showed the certain dissatisfaction of the participants who participated in individual workshops and final performances on Tartini Square less than other participants. Likewise, some participants and participants did not find it fair to be divided in classical ballet points to soloists and choirs. In order to the organizer to ensure equal participation of all participants who need to receive the same attention from the pedagogues, we decided to divide individual courses for which a higher level of knowledge of ballet technique is required, to the workshops GROUP and SOLO. From 2018, in the workshops GROUP, participants will work and perform exclusively in the framework of the typical group work by the system “for all the same”. The SOLO workshops will allow participants to work on various variations and solo duets according to the system of the assigned   difficulty and the range of variations or duets or other roles that, according to the classical ballet repertoire, belong to a group of solo dances with regard to the technical and artistic predisposition of each participant or participant.

Therefor, the organizer hopes that all participants of the Dancs-Piran ballet seminar in the future will be more satisfied and will more enjoy.

Elementary BASIC course – GROUP                                                                                                                            

The Elementary basic course of the classical ballet is intended for the youngest dancers and dancers, and to those with only the basic knowledge of the classical ballet, so beginners. The Basic course is not divided into group and solo courses, as participants in this group perform work exclusively in the group.

Elementary ADVANCED course – GROUP                                                                                                                  


Advance / professional course – GROUP                                                                                                                   

Elementary advanced course – GROUP and Advance / professional course – GROUP will assure the same attention to all participants, as they will perform the same work in choreography, demanding and quantitative wages. The Elementary course – GROUP and Advance / professional course – GROUP will so no longer divide participants into choir and solo, but it will be hold exclusively in the way of equal work in the frame of the group.

Additional courses:

Elementary ADVANCED course – SOLO                                                                                                                     


Advance / professional course – SOLO                                                                                                                      

If single participant wants to gain additional knowledge or to maintain the dance condition even in solo roles, the option Additional advanced course – SOLO can be additionally selected. The purpose of such a course is to work on solo variations, pas de deux (dance in the couple – in case of a sufficient number of male participants) and other solo genres from the iron repertoire of the classical ballet. Dancers who will be in addition to being assigned for solo roles (variations, duets …) can also be classified into groups where they will dance when they do not have their own solo performance. All participants in the additional course – SOLO will receive the same attention, each will receive a solo performance, and each will be occupied in smaller or larger group works, from two to the number of participants in the course. Work in the course will be by structure equivalent  to the creation of a ballet performance with soloists and choirs. The participants will receive individual variations or solo performances with regard to their quality of knowledge and fitness as technical readiness.

Optional selection of workshops in individual courses                                                                                           

If an individual dancer does not want to attend one of the courses in their full form, she or he can choose between the optional possibility. The novelty of the optional choice is that any course can be selected exclusively in the classical ballet training package, which is at the same time the only workshop that can be chosen without the choice of one of the other workshops.