Major of Piran Welcomes you to Dancs-Piran!

Dear ballet lovers,

I am extremely pleased that Piran has been choosen as the venue for the International Ballet and Dance Summer Seminar. On this occasion, we wish to present Piran as the Slovene tourist capital, one of the most beautiful sites, a historical and seaside walled city – and not only that. This is the birthplace of the great composer Giuseppe Tartini, a source of artistic inspiration for all future generations. This artistically inspired atmosphere may be the very reason why Piran has also become a city of dance, a city hosting numerous events and festivals, where dance activities play a significant role. Piran is a place where promising dancers gain new experience, and the best of them become distinguished ballet, flamenco, contemporary dancers. We hope and wish that the seminar will enable not only professional dancers, but also students and pupils pursuing their ballet, flamenco and contemporary dance education to continue with their successful activities. It is the seaside position that gives our town a unique charm in summer evenings. With great enthusiasm, large audiences attend the artists’ performances on the squares and streets of Piran, which become open-air theatres with a wonderful backdrop of ancient architecture. Therefore, the participants of the international ballet and dance summer festival are cordially invited to Piran in the hope that they will share a lot of professional experience with each other, enjoy many memorable moments and spend pleasant summer days in Piran.

Mayor of the City of Piran

Peter Bossman